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[marinade-mid-april13.pdf] [marinade-mid-april13.pdf]
…juiced 3 tbsp. canola oil 2 tbsp. Simple Indulgence Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend \xBD tsp. kosher salt Place first two ingredients in Smooth Chopper with blade attachment. Pull cord several times to finely chop. Add remaining ingredients and pull cord several times to combine. Cilantro Mojo Lime…
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[recipe_11nov_orange.pdf] [recipe_11nov_orange.pdf]
…Ingredients \xBE cup pomegranate juice \xBD cup orange juice 1 cup low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt Directions 1. Place all ingredients into base of Smooth Chopper with blade attachment. 2. Replace cover, pull cord and blend until smooth. 3. Pour into tumblers and enjoy.
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073_vE_tupperfull 073_vE_tupperfull
…first five ingredients (through seasoning blend) in base of Whip 'N PrepTM Chef. Cover and, while turning handle, drizzle olive oil slowly through funnel to emulsify. Once all the olive oil is added, transfer vinaigrette into Quick Shake\xAE Container, seal and chill. Shake well before serving. Combine…
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southwet mango salsa.indd southwet mango salsa.indd
…) 2 tsp. Simple IndulgenceTM Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend 1 tbsp. lime juice cup cilantro leaves, washed 1 mango, peeled and diced In the Quick Chef\xAE Pro System, add all of the ingredients except for the mango. Chop to desired consistency. Remove top add the diced mango. Chop again and serve…
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southwet mango salsa_sp.indd southwet mango salsa_sp.indd
…. de jugo de lima de taza de hojas de cilantro, lavadas 1 mango, pelado y cortado en cubos Coloca todos los ingredientes, menos el mango, en el Quick Chef\xAE Pro. Procesa hasta obtener la consistencia que desees. Quita la tapa y agrega el mango. Procesa de nuevo. Sirve. Salsa de Mango del Sudoeste…
[recipe_12book_french.pdf] [recipe_12book_french.pdf]
…recipe instruction above. Cook in a nonstick pan until golden on both sides. Lightly toast bread in toaster. While bread is toasting, in the Smooth Chopper fitted with the paddle attachment, mix remaining ingredients together. Trim toasted bread to fit, then place 1\xBD slices on the bottom of the Breakfast…
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Layout 1 Layout 1
…mozzarella, sliced Break up ground beef into TupperWave\xAE Stack Cooker Colander and stack on top of 3-Qt./3 L Casserole. Place garlic in base of Chop 'N Prep Chef. Cover and pull cord 4-5 times until finely chopped. Place minced garlic on top of ground beef, cover and microwave on high 3-4 minutes. Drain…
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Layout 1 Layout 1
…mediano y revuelve con sal, pimienta, nuez moscada y jugo de lim\xF3n. Separ\xE1ndola en dos partes, a\xF1ade la espinaca a la base del Sistema Quick Chef\xAE Pro. Tapa y gira la perilla para picarla gruesa. Cubre el fondo de la Olla de 3 Cuartos/3 L con una capa delgada de salsa marinara. Acomoda un…
Layout 1 Layout 1
…Maker, cover and microwave on high 1 minute. Meanwhile, place green onion and bell pepper in Smooth Chopper with blade attachment. Pull several times to chop. Spread over hash browns. Change Smooth Chopper to paddle attachment, add eggs, water and seasoning blend, and pull cord several times to blend. Pour…
untitled untitled
…slices 5.3 oz. container peach-flavored Greek yogurt \xBC cup sugar \xBE cup milk \xBD tsp. vanilla extract Combine all ingredients in base of Quick Chef\xAE Pro System. Replace cover and turn handle until mixture is smooth and creamy. Pour into a Freezer Mates\xAE Small 2 (from Freezer Mates\xAE Starter…
untitled untitled
…durazno \xBC de taza de az\xFAcar \xBE de taza de leche \xBD cdta. de extracto de vainilla Combina todos los ingredientes en la base del Sistema Quick Chef\xAE Pro. T\xE1palo y gira la perilla hasta lograr una consistencia suave y cremosa. Vierte en un Freezer Mates\xAE Peque\xF1o 2 (incluido en el Juego…
[recipe_12prem_eggs.pdf] [recipe_12prem_eggs.pdf]
…smoked paprika, parsley, and cheese in the center of the turkey slice. Roll the turkey and make sure there is no cheese on the edges. In the Smooth Chopper using the paddle attachment, mix the remaining ingredients and set aside. Place the turkey roll in the center of the Breakfast Maker. Pour in the egg…
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Microsoft Word - 2012 MATERIAL LIST USCA ProductRange.doc Microsoft Word - 2012 MATERIAL LIST USCA ProductRange.doc
…Container: PP Quartet Set with Cariolier\xAE handle Seal: LDPE 3/14/2012 Container: PP Quick Chef Base Base: Co-polyester Handle/cabinet: Other (ABS) Funnel: PP Paddles: PP Chopper Foot: other Blades: other Closing Cap: PP Quick Shake\xAE Container Seal: LDPE Container: PP Rectangular Cake Taker PP Round Cake…
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Microsoft Word - 2012 MATERIAL LIST USCA ProductRange_SP_au.doc Microsoft Word - 2012 MATERIAL LIST USCA ProductRange_SP_au.doc
…Juego "Cuarteto" con Asa Cariolier\xAE\xAE Sello: LDPE Recipiente: PP Base Quick Chef Base: Co-poli\xE9ster Asa/Gabinete: Otro (ABS) Embudo: PP Paletas: PP Pie de la Cuchilla: Otro Cuchillas: Otro Tapa: PP Recipiente Quick Shake\xAE Sello: LDPE Recipiente: PP Porta Pastel Rectangular PP Porta Pastel…
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…Fix-N-Mix® Bowl Popular classic $15.00 Spooky Sidekicks Snack Pack Treats you can keep $24.00 Spooky Sidekicks Candy Canister Candy keeper $12.00 Quick Chef® Pro System Takes food processing to another level $49.00 9-Pc. Accessory Set for Tupperware® SmartSteamer Your SmartSteamer companion $24.00…
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…What Makes a Grater Great? An Attached Measuring Bin! $19.00 Power Chef™ System Your new personal chef $69.00 Power Chef™ Whip Accessory Ready to whip up some delicious? $30.00 Mandoline Quick & Creative $75.00 Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons Set Less measuring & less work From $12.00 Season…
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