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[baking_and_pasta_labels.doc] [baking_and_pasta_labels.doc]
…Cheese Potato Flakes Long Grain Rice Wild Rice White Rice Brown Rice Medium Grain Rice Instant Rice Thin Spaghetti Spaghetti Stuffing Mix Stuffing Taco Shells Ziti Wheat Germ Salt C D v w " ? \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1…
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…Noodles, Medium Noodles, Wide Noodles, Extra Wide Parmesan Cheese, grated Potato Flakes Rice, Long Grain Rice, Instant Spaghetti, Thin Stuffing Mix Taco Shells (Hard) Ziti SQUARE SPAG. DISP. 4 93 /4 c. Note: Product capacities are estimated based on average package sizes, and some packages may not fill…
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[baking_and_pasta_labels_spanish.doc] [baking_and_pasta_labels_spanish.doc]
…Arroz Silvestre Arroz Blanco Arroz Integral Arroz de Grano Mediano Arroz Arroz Instant\xE1neo Espagueti Fino Espagueti Mezcla para Relleno Relleno Tacos Ziti G\xE9rmen de Trigo Sal 8 9 ? \xC2 \xC3 \xFB \xFC \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1\xFF\xC9 " \xF1…
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…Anchos Fideos Extra Anchos Queso Parmesano, Rallado Hojuelas de Papas Arroz, Grano Largo Arroz Instant\xE1neo Espagueti Delgado Mezcla para Relleno Tacos (Tortilla Dura) Ziti CUADRADO DISP. DE ESPAGUETI 4 93 /4 tzs. Nota: Las capacidades de los productos est\xE1n estimadas en base a los tama\xF1os promedio…
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